Ross Costanza Photography had such an amazing time photographing Esi and Khalid’s engagement session in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. From the random dancing outbursts to the “last fight”, this was definitely one of the most unique sessions we’ve seen.

Esi and Khalid have the most contagiously exuberant and absolutely hilarious personalities. They had us laughing from the very first meeting and we LOVED seeing this side of them played out in their session.

We began on the Hague bridge, the spot where Khalid proposed to Esi. Our favorite part of their proposal story is that Khalid accidentally scheduled the proposal on their shared Google calendar, so Esi knew all along and was eagerly waiting for him to drop to his knee and pop the question. She may have even spread word of her upcoming engagement. Since they didn’t have a love lock with them to commemorate their engagement on the actual day of the proposal, they brought a very special one to their engagement session. [Insert First Random Dancing Outburst] They sealed their forever love by locking the lock and tossing the key into the water.

Part two of their session was super fun and so representative of their personalities. We transitioned over to the Neon Arts District, where art comes to life in vibrant, colorful displays painted on the buildings of businesses in the area. We took advantage of the many different backdrops until Esi and Khalid had the most amazing idea to thoroughly enjoy their “last fight” with water balloons!!! [Insert Second Random Dancing Outburst] We were STOKED on this idea, and knew they were the PERFECT couple to pull it off!

We hope their engagement session puts a smile on your face and that today will be the day YOU have a random dancing outburst. 😉


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